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Wedding Photography

Posted October 16, 2010 by in Wedding Ideas | No comments yet

Since color photography came to life many years ago, and prices fell to levels that made it affordable , the art of black and white wedding photography has faded to near extinction. There are, however many people who appreciate the appeal and look of black and white wedding photography and request a sampling of pictures in black and white .

With the use of digital photography, obtaining black and white pictures from the same frames is considerably easier than with film and the prints are typically of the same high quality than if they had been taken with film. Although black and white wedding photography could produce black and white prints from color negatives, the sharpness and contrast was not quite as clear as when black and white film was used.

Many professional photographers would shy from jobs where it was requested that black and white wedding photography was also used as that would either require two separate cameras, one with color film and one with black and white film, or changing film at inopportune intervals, possibly wasting film by changing it before the entire roll had been used .

Black And White Present Additional Options

Color photography is the standard of today’s wedding photography but some folks enjoy the prints of the couple, her in a white dress and him in a black tuxedo, in black and white. The contrast of black and white wedding photography can give an old-fashioned appearance and black and white pictures can also be rendered in sepia tone , that is antique-looking brown, or with other colors faded in to make the pictures appear unique.

The reasoning behind using black and white wedding photography is not left up to the opinion of the photographer, rather it is the choice of the bride and groom and the photographer is expected to do what they are being paid to do. Plus, black and white wedding photography is not subject to color errors due to lighting or the position of the sun as much as color film may be . Printing may also be quicker and less expensive than color prints.

Sometimes, if the couple does not mention alternatives to color, the photographer may offer certain prints in black and white in order to offer a better selection to the couple. Using black and white wedding photography in addition to color with digital pictures, can be an attractive addition to the wedding album.The information is provided by an experienced web-owner, who provides a lot of service online,such as selling contact lenses, as well as providing medic alert bracelet. At the same time, she is skillful in currency trading.She is skillful in taking  photography.

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