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Weddings On A Budget

Posted February 17, 2012 by in Articles | No comments yet

Weddings on a budget don’t have to detract from the magnificence of your special day. You can still have all the elements you ever desired for your dream wedding; all you need to do is plan ahead. Why not elope to Australia’s pristine Gold Coast? Here are some reasons why a wedding on the Gold Coast is perfect for couples wanting weddings on a budget.

1. It’s a stunning location.

This may be pretty obvious, but your surroundings will set the mood for your wedding day, and ultimately influence several other elements including photography, decorations, and the types of inclusions you can elect to have in your ceremony. The Gold Coast’s beaches offer a perfect, picturesque background for your ceremony, and its gardens are a gorgeous atmosphere to complement the commitment you’re making. The Gold Coast itself is a lovely location with so many backdrops to choose from to set the scene for your dream wedding, offered at affordable rates for couples who don’t want to spend inordinate amounts of money to get married. Sure, a tropical island is a fantastic choice but if you want a wedding that is equally lovely at a fraction of the price, it has to be the Gold Coast. Plus, who can be stressed in such a gorgeous spot?

2. At the Gold Coast, you can choose between a picturesque beach, chapel, or garden wedding.

Get married on the picturesque golden beaches with the waves as your audience, or marry in a chapel on the tranquil Mount Tamborine. There are many spots to choose from to cater for the specific wedding you want; whether you want an extravagant, lavish ceremony or a small and intimate ceremony with just you and your loved one on a beachfront close to your accommodation. Elope to the Coast for instance, incorporates honeymoon accommodation and beach or garden wedding locations at Surfer’s Paradise and Palm Beach. The brilliance of these possibilities is that staying at the Gold Coast will give you complimentary or really cheap access to the beaches or gardens close to your accommodation. You get the best possible setting at an impressive price without breaking your budget!

3. Wedding companies on the Gold Coast offer you inclusive package bargains.

You can plan any type of wedding from a more intricate one with extras like beauty services, accommodation, limousine services, arranging the bouquet and cake, and even a horse and carriage, to a basic ceremony with the wedding coordinator and wedding celebrant present to complete your day. With the many wedding companies accessible to you at the Gold Coast, you can select which one in particular offers more appealing weddings on a budget and have your dream wedding as big or small as you please. Since the Gold Coast is such a prime wedding destination, there is a lot of competition among wedding companies, so you can literally take your pick of the best bargains. Plus, inclusive package deals are undoubtedly better value for money, so you can have your dream wedding on a budget at this stunning coastal location. Want a seaside wedding at Palm Beach? Possibly a garden wedding at Ipanema Holiday Resort? Possibly some accommodation at these locations thrown in to your package deal? Well, it’s within your grasp with a wedding on the Gold Coast.

4. Everything you could want is in a single place.

You can have your wedding and honeymoon all in the one location when you choose to get married on the Gold Coast. You have everything you could want: stunning scenery for your ceremony, beautiful beach accommodation for a relaxing holiday, many destinations for daytime activities, entertainment for a fun nightlife, and an assortment of restaurant choices for romantic meals. The Gold Coast is a buzzing metropolis, and there are a variety of alternatives you can explore to have an incredible wedding and honeymoon without exceeding your budget! Take a stroll through Surfer’s Paradise by night or take a day trip to Dreamworld! It’s all there and it’s all yours for the taking.

You can experience all of these qualities with the splendour of a wedding on the Gold Coast. Many of the Coast’s wedding companies offer you services that give you picturesque places, premium quality services, and excellent accommodation without costing you an arm and a leg. Weddings on a budget don’t need to compromise on quality. You can still have both; all you need to do is hunt around a bit for a company that suits you. And there will be a lot of companies of the Gold Coast providing weddings on a budget to give you your special day at a fantastic price.

Elope to the Coast offers weddings on a budget to suit each and every couple. Check out incredible offers for weddings on a budget at Elope to the Coast now.

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