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What Are The Advantages of a Bridal Registry?

Posted April 22, 2010 by in Articles | Comments Off

Many years ago, a retail shop in Chicago started the world’s first bridal registry. From that day on, in countries all over the world, the ability to be able to set up a bridal registry has meant that there is no doubling up on gifts for the wedding couple. This is so good, because there is nothing worse than ending up with 3 gifts that are the same and then having to try to arrange refunds and so on.

The engaged couple who are to be married will be the ones to set up the registry. Or, perhaps the brides mother may also be prepared to do it. It should be organized a couple of months before the wedding to allow the invited guests time to choose the gift that they would like to provide to the married couple. The great thing about bridal registries is that you don’t need to confine them to one store. You can have one set up in a few stores so that there can be more flexibility in the gifts that will be purchased.


The types of items that can be chosen for the registry should centre around what is needed by the couple after they are married. It may be items for the new home, appliances for the kitchen, cleaning appliances, decorator items, furniture, you name it, it can be on the list. The thing is that each couple will be different and therefore, so will be the lists on the bridal registry.


Being able to visit a specific store is a real plus for th invited guests because they will be able to choose a gift that falls within the budget and is also one needed by the couple. If, at the end of the day, the items on the list are too expensive and out of the budget range, a gift certificate can be purchased and then the couple will be able to add their own funds to get a present that is needed.

Some people find a bridal registry a little offensive because it can give the impression that the bridal couple are asking for gifts rather than being happy to receive what they are given. However, the reality is that people can still get a gift within their price range and it will not only be a relevant gift but it will make the selection for the guests a lot easier.

These days, registry lists are available online, so that guests can go online and look at the list and maybe even purchase the gift online, which makes the process a very easy and painless exercise. Registry lists can also be considered “wish lists.” This means that it may not be possible for the newly married couple to get everything that is on the list, but that is okay too, because at least once the items are ticked off, the married couple can go and purchase those items that were not purchased as a gift. 



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