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What’s in the Stars? Hints for a Zodiac Wedding under the Sign of Pisces

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Whenever the earliest human beings gazed into the night time sky and speculated about the bright lights, they wanted to give connotation to what they were seeing. From these early time ideas emerged the signs of the zodiac, a group of mythological and emblematic signs that are said to govern human qualities and mannerisms. When your wedding falls between February 19 and March 20, it will take place under the sign of Pisces.

Wedding Jewellery UK – The Zodiacal Sign Pisces

The sign Pisces is normally signified by two fishes. In Greek legend, the tale is told that a monster called Typhon was pursuing the goddess Aphrodite as well as her son Eros. In order to elude him, they jumped in the water, turned themselves into fishes and swam safely away. During the swim, they tied their tails together so they would not lose each other in the water. Soon after, they were rescued by some different fishes and later were hung in the sky to remember the day on which Aphrodite, called the goddess of beauty, and Eros, called the god of love, were saved from demise.

Wedding Jewellery UK – Additional Information Regarding Pisces

Pisces is one of the water signs. Water is a mystifying and erratic element which can be translucent and limpid or murky and mystifying. Water that is contained in a container, pool or fountain, for instance, can be beneficial to man. Water held inside anything, such as in a flood or a drenching down pouring rain, can be quite harmful.
Water also is changeable. It can be a liquid, solid or gas and due to this fact, can be noticed as signifying change. Some believe that water is indicative of the profound, dark characteristics of the human consciousness. Pisces’ is governed by Neptune, who is known as the sea god. Neptune often is pictured holding a trident, which has the appearance of a 3-pronged pitchfork. Every point of the trident has a figurative denotation which is in turn tri-fold. The first prong is a sign of birth, life and demise. The second prong symbolises body, awareness and soul. The third prong implicates past, present and future. People who get married under Pisces possess a powerful spiritual realm and affinity that oftentimes aims towards higher goals. Such people are empathic, self-sacrificing and considerate and have a strong visualization that permits them to find unanimity in all things. Pisces couples also are quite receptive and sensitive – maybe even intuitive. Their connection is a phase which persistently regenerates itself.

Wedding Jewellery UK – Jewellery Selections for a Wedding Event Under the Sign of Pisces

Pearls are the beautiful and rare gems of the sea. To accentuate your Pisces wedding, pick a complete jewellery ensemble that has reasonably-priced freshwater pearls. Whether it’s a dramatic pearl tiara or maybe a modest single pearl pendant, you definitely will be adhering to the theme of you wedding event by implementing pearls. To get a very chic style, take into account pearls which are mixed with other items like glistening Swarovski crystals or shining opalescent glass beads.

When you emphasize your marriage ceremony that transpires in the sign of Pisces by implementing pearls, an unusual and treasured gift that comes from the sea, you will definitely be in sync with your water theme.

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