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Who Do You E-mail Nuptual Thanks Cards?

Posted April 10, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Like so many things in this life, the jury remains out regarding whom wedding thank you cards should be sent to and those who, according to proper etiquette, can comfortably be left off such mailing lists.

One nonuniversal thought is that every person who attends a wedding should receive a thank you card. An alternative to sending thank you cards to everyone who attended the event is for the new couple to list and send cards to those most important to its ultimate success.

Those receiving these cards will know the amount of sincerity and thought you‘ve extended to them. Whether it‘s sincerity, honesty, and openness you communicate through these cards, your emotions will be appreciated and understood.

Suggested timelines to share gratitude cards

  • For gifts arriving on the day of the wedding, send thank you cards from one to three weeks later
  • If other gifts arrive prior to the wedding day, send your thank you within two weeks after its arrival
  • To the host of pre-wedding parties, send your thank you within two days after the party

Pre-emptive is a term couples can use to their advantage. Since they know in advance that thank you cards later should be sent out, there‘s no reason not to do much of the work before they are married.

Normal options couples have for obtaining these thank you cards are either to order them from stores, an often more expensive approach, or to download free templates from the Internet and use their computer and printer to make them themselves. Even if you download free software and print the cards yourself, you‘ll still need to purchase such items as paper and ink.

Whether you order cards from stationary stores or build them yourselves using templates imported from the Internet, courtesy suggests that you add a personal touch and sign each card.

Who will gain pleasure from receiving your wedding thank you cards is really the most important question. Having a clear understanding of the restrictions on your time and budget is more important than attempting to please everyone else’s expectations even when it comes to your wedding.

Find even more great ideas about wedding thank you card wording at ThankYouPhotoCards.org

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