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Why Ladies Love Designer Shoes

Posted December 3, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Most women possess major shoe fetishes, acquiring more shoes than they can actually wear. In most cases, their source of pleasure and happiness is when they find and purchase the shoe that they like. Sometimes, they even move heaven and earth to haggle and possess whatever shoe style they want for themselves, no matter what the cost. The must-have-it feeling has a tendency to make them impulsive buyers, or shall we say shopaholics.

The most common types of fetish shoes are heeled shoes such as stilettos, boots, pumps, and sandals. A lot of women can go nuts over designer shoes; they are things to die for, as they say. Designer shoes are quite costly personalized shoes, but they are of excellent quality and provide prestige status to those who wear them. There are lots of variations, from designer bridal shoes amd high-heeled pumps to casual and sporty footwear created by renowned designers like Manolo, Herrera, Prada, and Fendi.

This kind of obsession can be costly considering the amount and cost of a single designer shoe. Others have numerous numbers of shoes on their walk-in closets. Having this certain fixation is not that bad, but it should be in moderation. Too much of something is definitely bad for anyone. You don’t have to blow your entire paycheck just to purchase one pair of shoes, which you usually don’t wear or use on a daily basis.

However, if a woman is engaged and is planning her dream wedding and is looking for the ideal desginer bridal shoes, then no worries, because they can be easily found in the Internet. There are loads of online shops selling designer wedding shoes. Just be wary of all those advertisements you find in the Internet; be specific on what you really want so you can purchase your perfect pair of shoes.

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