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Why Opt For Dyeable Bridal Shoes

Posted December 27, 2011 by in Articles | No comments yet

Once upon a time, when people buy bridal shoes, they are only limited to a just a very few of colors. Therefore, choosing the right shoe to match the right gown is quite difficult. In fact, brides-to-be move heaven and earth, from searching all stores in the area to buying costly customized wedding apparel, just to have the right shoes.

However, today, life is much easier for modern brides-to-be. Matching shoes to a wedding dress is no longer limited to the colors black, white, or gown thanks to dyeable shoes. Since the shoes’ material extremely receptive to dyes, the bride can color her shoes to match the shade of the wedding dress that she will be using. There are virtually a limitless number of shades and color combinations that she can do.

Dyeable shoes are traditionally made out of a white-satin material. The fibers of satin cloth are quite absorbent and take on the dye’s color quite easily. Additionally, coloring a dyeable shoe is easy. All that is required is to boil some water then add some dye to the heated water. Turn off the heat, and apply the tinted water on the shoe with a sponge. Once the tinted water dries, rinse the shoe to remove the residue. It is that simple!

Another excellent feature of dyeable shoes is that they can be re-dyed many times over. For instance, you may have dyed your shoe pink to match your pink wedding gown. A couple of weeks later, you and your husband are invited to a formal party. You plan on putting on a red dress. Instead of ordering an expensive pair of red shoes, you can just change the color of your bridal shoes from pink to red by re-dyeing them. To have richer colors, it is a good idea to dye your shoes from a lighter shade to a darker one, not the other way around.

If you want to get wedding shoes that are dyeable, browse through Dyeable Shoes.

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